About us

nowinnofeelaw.co.uk is an informational site aimed to help guide injured parties through the legal minefield of compensation claims.

It is our aim to provide all the resources and information we can to allow parties to make informed decisions to the best of their ability and let plaintiffs know the legal process and options available. We offer information based on UK Laws and try to point out any differences between laws in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Legal proceedings and civil procedures are becoming increasingly common and we aim to give the information that will help temper a blame culture by informing the correct proceedings and legal requirements for complainants.

All content on this site is written with your requirements in mind and tries to offer the thoughts of competent legal minds but is not to be treated as a legal reference. This website is purely to help the initial stages of a claim and to guide you pre-solicitor. Always take your solicitors advice over this website and we do in fact urge you to discuss your potential case with a solicitor before making any decision to make an official claim.

NWNF tries to offer a multitude of legal information and as such concentrates on:

  • No Win No Fee Solicitors
  • Accident Claims
  • Medical Negligence

On top of this we will be writing regular posts/articles on cases and laws that are consistently changing.

NWNF is not affiliated with any solicitors and is an independent informational site. Please do not make nay decisions based solely on this sites information and always consult your Solicitor before making any decisions.